Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tailgate Desserts

My beloved Hokies came to the D.C. area for a game last week. With a half hour drive separating us from the game instead of the four hours between home and Blacksburg, you better believe we had to go cheer them on in person! I woke up early Saturday morning in the game day spirit and decided to bake a few Virginia Tech-themed treats to bring along.

I used the sugar cookie recipe here and the red velvet brownie recipe here. Add a little food coloring and you can have customized desserts for your team or occasion.

And although I have now seen my Hokies play at this location three times and left all three times defeated, it didn't stop me from enjoying my time with everyone.



  1. Although UVA was my dream school while in high school, I ultimately ended up loving Tech because my brother was going there, as well as most of my graduating hs class! (and many of my hs students went there!) Love the cookies!

    Fellow VA blogger! Following you now. :)

    Swing by if you can!


  2. i love those hokie cookies! too bad they lost, but i know you still had fun!!